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Let's be the Change we want to see, one human, one step at a time.

Greening The Planet The Easy, Step By Step Way

Child holding the earth
Child Holding The Earth

It is rewarding to be in the flow of the generation of 'Green' Beings that are living a more sustainable lifestyle on this planet. Be One of the millions of people that are now stepping up to turn the tables going with the flow of the changing needs of our Earth. At this time in our Earth's history we are all learning to save in more ways then one. Save our Earth, preserve our bodies, save money, be more efficient.

We truly can leave a lighter footprint while we save money with alternative energy.

This site can help. We all can do it, easily and efficiently.

This is about a way of life. This is a resource center on how to live it.

We are in the process together of 'Greening the Planet' step by step. Join us and do your part, go for the 12 steps of sustainable living and easily be 'greener'. 'Greening the Planet' is about simplifying our life's. Getting back to basics. We all can do it together and make a huge difference. Following a step by step plan can make it easier to change at the same time. It is be fun to be on the cutting edge of saving our earth's resources and helping others do it too!

kids drawing called help the earth
Help The Earth

Our Planet is a Living Being~ Going Green gives us a deeper, alive connection with Her, Mother Earth!

It can be hard to make a change for almost everyone-we all have old habit patterns that are ingrained in us. But with just one change at a time we can all revamp the way we live life on this planet.

Check out our 12 easy steps that we can all do to feel good about helping out in Greening the Planet.

Take advantage of the simple ways to save money with alternative energy.

Where to start? Check it out -let's each do our part

  • saving energy and being more efficient
  • water conservation
  • weatherization
  • stimulus package rebates
  • understanding the new global economy
  • staying abreast of new forms of renewable energy
  • kids going green
  • being healthy in the new earth-go organic
  • holistic health - natural skin and body care
  • stay current & aware of reducing, reusing, recycling
  • knowing about the new resources of going green and learn how to tap into them
  • finding your own personal connection to Source and the Innerworld through prayer and meditation
  • learning to be part of the Solution and not the problem

The ability to survive this economic change is reliant on how we adapt our lifestyle and spending. We all need to adopt new habits regarding money, and learn to conserve so everyone has enough.

Please enjoy the pages, check out the links and sign up for our 12 month newsletter to take you step by step through the change over process.

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