Energy conservation for kids

Learning to save money is fun!

Energy conservation for Kids is a fun project for the whole family. We all can get excited about helping out with our planet's restoration with my grandson's, imaginary friend GECA, the renewable energy guy from Sun-O-One.

friend geco

GE-CA says kids can conserve too, just put a new spin on your chores around the house, this effort really can help "Save the World". Here are some energy conservation for kids tips.

GE-CA says it all starts with just being aware of our use of energy, and helping out our friends, family and fellow human beings everywhere. Considering we all have to live here and share what we have for a long, long time.

boy saving money
Boy Saving Money

Get a piggy bank in each of the kids rooms. If everyone gets a nickel or a quarter every time they save some household energy they get a deposit in the piggy bank. See how long it takes to fill one bank, and then another....it is fun to save money and energy too!

You can help.....just start by turning out lights and and turn off faucets when not using them. The work we all have is to remember, be aware and tell your school friends. The more people that take this step, the more we can change the world.

GE-CA says be a green warrior in your house, help out in any way you can. Be kind, find time to to do your part.

Don't leave lights on when no one is in the room. If you are going to be out of the room for more than five minutes, turn off the light.

If you know of a light that everyone forgets to turn off, make a sticker or a sign to hang next to the switch that says "Lights Out!" or "Don't Forget!"

Where possible, use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Those funny-looking bulbs produce the same amount of light by using 1/4 of the electricity. Plus, they last for years and years without burning out.

GE-CA says don't spend so much time watching the TV if you are a kid. It could effect your energy level. Remember to Turn them off when no one is watching it. The same goes for computers, radios and stereos - if no one using it, turn it off. Turn off all the appliances at the surge protector/control strip - that four- or six-plug extension chord that you plug all your computer things into. Some devices, like modems or other networking boxes are drawing small amounts of power all the time. Check with your parents first, but the best thing to do is turn them ALL off at the surge protector.

Check out your thermostat

In warm weather, the thermostat at home should be set at 78 degrees.

When no one is home, set the thermostat at 85 degrees. That way, you'll reduce the need for air conditioning and you will save energy. If you have ceiling fans or other fans, turn them on. The blowing air can make you feel 5 degrees cooler, without running the family's air conditioner. Fans use a lot less electricity than air conditioners!

In cold weather, wear warm clothing and have your thermostat set to 68 degrees or lower during the day and evening, health permitting. When you go to sleep at night, set the thermostat back to either 55 degrees, or turn it off. When you leave home for an extended time, set the thermostat at 55 degrees or turn it off, too. That way, your family can save from 5 percent to 20 percent on your heating costs.

Don't Heat - or Cool - the Great Outdoors!

We Americans use twice as much energy as necessary to heat their homes. That accounts for a lot of wasted energy!

If you have a fireplace, close the damper when you don't have a fire burning. An open fireplace damper can let 8 percent of heat from your furnace escape through the chimney! In the summer, an open fireplace damper can let cool air escape. It's like having a window open!

Make a map of your home, and mark all the windows, heating vents, and outside doors. Take a ribbon and hold it up to the edges of the doors and windows. If the ribbon blows, you've found a leak! Ask Mom or Dad to seal the leak with caulk or weather-stripping.

Think about your curtains. Keeping the curtains closed on cold, cloudy days helps block the cold outside air from getting inside. Also, keeping the curtains closed on very hot days keeps the hot air out!

child holding the earth
Child With Globe

In Your School

The energy conservation for kids ideas you used at home can also be used in school. Consider creating a weekly "energy monitor" - someone who's job it is to make sure lights are out when there's no one in a room. He or she can also make sure that machines are turned off when not being used.

GE-CA the energy Hero guy from Sun-O-One appreciates your doing good things to help the Planet! Mother Nature is thanking you too.

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