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Solar energy is no different than many other types of popular topics on the web, there are many scams trying to get your money.  New solar scams appear on a regular basis, and we hope to keep you on top of them all, so you don't get wrongly parted with your money.

The first solar scam I want to address are e-books.  E-books, of all topics, are popular on the web.  There are several very popular solar, or alternative energy, e-programs on the market that may, or may not, be considered a scam.  There is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine that can provide all of your homes power so please don't waist your money on that one.  It is also, to the best of my knowledge, impossible to run a car on water.  When you see that sales page you might be smelling a scam.

Another thing that might lead you to believe you are checking out a solar scam is if one company dominates the search engines with different sites that either sell the same product, or offer positive testimonials about the product.  Add to that a complete network of sites promoting, and singing the praises for, this product as affiliate sales sites.  E-books are commonly sold through a company such as Clickbank.  Sites, such as mine, can sign up as affiliates and promote e-books that we feel would be particularly useful to out site visitors.

An example of an e-book you might be interested in is  Diy Solar Water Heater.  This program sells for about $30.00 and can help you build your own solar water heater.  If you click the link, and buy the program, I earn a commission.  Mentioning, or recommending an e-book program on a web site like this is a common practice.  Building an entire site to promote one program, that is a different story and should alert you to seek other opinions.

The worst thing about many of these different solar e-books are the inflated claims.  "Provide 80% of you homes power for less than $200.00", that is just not going to happen.  A system that is going to provide 80% of your homes power is likely to run thirty grand or more.  Read the claims closely, and if they sound possible, and you are interested in learning more, the cost of these programs is usually a very small investment to make.  The majority of these e-books are backed by a 100% guarantee and if for any reason you are not happy, get your money back.  Can anything giving a 100% money back guarantee be a scam?  I would not consider it so, if you don't like what you get, get your money back, seems fair to me.

Solar e-books and other internet programs need to be looked at closely before investing your money, and make sure you can get it back if not satisfied.  There are some real solar scams you may come across and those are the ones we want to warn you about.  At the top of this list are the Power Factor Correction units.  The KVAR Power Correction Unit is one of these products.  Other similar products are Nevvus Powerguard, Power-Save 1200, V-Blox and the Power Saver Enersonic.  There are others but you get the idea.  Seriously folks,  there is nothing wrong with you household Power Factor and these units will not save you any money.  There has to be a reason why none of these units have an Energy Star rating.

Have you heard about the fuel reducer?  It works on cars, trucks and gas burning stoves.  In fact, you can save up to 25% on home fuel oil.  Or can you?  We think not, you better pass on this one.  It comes down to this, if you are using 25% less fuel then you are creating 25% less heat or traveling 25% less miles.

Another product to avoid is the Voltage Control Guard, or the VCG1.  There is no product made, that when tapped into your incoming electric source line, will reduce your energy use by 30%.  This product is sold on the GiG 2 website and I guarantee you it is a waist of money.

If you happen upon a website selling vertical axis wind generators click away as fast as you can.  Just like the others, this has no chance of working.  While there are a few companies out there that might have a decent one or two in their catalog,  vertical axis wind machines are just plain inefficient.  This is especially true if someone is making outlandish claims about their latest invention.  There is a company out there trying to get investors to join in on the bottom floor of the worlds largest wind generator.  They are going to power cities with a single unit and yup, it is vertical axis.

The world wants, and needs, to go green.  We are also in need of saving money.  The lowlifes of society are all over the place praying on these needs and wants.  Don't fall victom to the solar scams, or any of the other rotten scams the internet is full of.  Be smart, research and think.  If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

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